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Most Popular Marine Marketing Tools Topics in 2014

marketing planpopular marine marketing 2014

Hot topics on marine marketing best practices and marine marketing news in 2014

What best practices are marine marketers most interested in? What topics are dealers, marinas, suppliers and other marine businesses reading the most?

As we wrap up the end of the first full year for MarineMarketingTools.com, its a good time to take a look back at 2014 and see what topics are resonating most with readers. Many of these best practice articles represent some of the biggest trends in marine marketing – like marketing to millennials or being more effective with social media marketing.

We also look at what news articles were the most popular in 2014 to see what type of marine marketing news marine businesses find useful. Although this site is not meant to be a news coverage site, write-ups on marine marketing accomplishments and other newsworthy marketing events in the boating industry can be a helpful resource for new ideas and strategies we can leverage in our own plans.

Hot Topics?

Popular content categories continue to be focused on marine marketing best practices for new ideas – but also basic tips and advice on how to better reach your target boating audience.

As a collaborative site meant to share many ideas and strategies – we continue to accept new regular contributors to Marine Marketing Tools that are able to offer a fresh perspective on a variety of marine marketing topics.

Interested in what boating lifestyle articles were hot in 2014? There’s a link to a top 10 list from the boating lifestyle site BoaterLifeOnline.com at the end of this post.

So whether you are interested in which topics appeal most to marine businesses, or you are just looking for some good marine marketing best practice articles to peruse from last year, you’ll want to check out these top 10 marine marketing round-up lists.

Top 10 Marine Marketing Best Practice Articles in 2014

content marketing for boating#1 – Content Marketing Ideas for Your Boating Business

by Diane Seltzer

Simple ways to start a content marketing strategy that attracts and engages boaters >>READ MORE

marine store promotions#2 – Creative Ideas for Branded Promotional Merchandise at Your Marine Store

by Diane Seltzer

Stock up on new logo designs and promotional items that appeal to boaters to boost your revenue and promotions >>READ MORE

shady selfie promotion#3 – Why the Selfie is a Powerful Marketing Tool in Boating

by Diane Seltzer

The selfie photo craze can generate mobile brand impressions and viral buzz, making it the perfect on the water promotional idea for marine businesses >>READ MORE

customer service social media
#4 – You Can’t Afford To Stay Away: Why You Must Offer Customer Service Through Social Media

by Jennifer Reid

Make your boating business stand out from the crowd by SOCIALLY caring for your customers. >>READ MORE

hooked on boating#5 – Getting Younger Boaters Hooked on Boating

by Diane Seltzer

Communicating the boating lifestyle with marketing messages and ideas that appeal to younger demographics >>READ MORE

social media comparison chart#6 – Social Media Comparison Chart for Boating Businesses

by Diane Seltzer

Compare social media marketing opportunities to reach and engage boaters and marine businesses >>READ MORE

millennials sailing#7 – The Sailing Industry Tacks Towards Millennials

by James Nolan

Younger demographics are future targets for the sailboat industry, but there are shoals ahead >>READ MORE

value add boating products#8 – Turning Boating Problems into Value-Add Products and Services

by Dana Russikoff

Create new opportunities and revenue streams for your marine business by identifying boater pain points and offering solutions to real problems >>READ MORE

marine marketing solutions#9 – New Affiliate Marketing Program for Marine Businesses

by Diane Seltzer

Marine Marketing Solutions launches a new all-marine affiliate network with opportunities for boating industry manufacturers and publishers >>READ MORE

4 knows of marketing#10 – Guide to Profitable Marine Marketing – 4 Part Series

by Thaddeus Kubis

In this new 4 part series “The Guide to Profitable Marine Marketing” I plan to share some of my expertise in integrated marketing and hope to guide you through the process of developing a more profitable marketing plan. >>READ MORE

Top 10 Marine Marketing NEWS Articles in 2014

discover boating 2014 marketing#1 – Discover Boating Shares 2014 Marketing Plan Details

Integrated marketing plan includes strategies and tactics to build awareness for boating and connect consumers to boat manufacturers >>READ MORE

new year boat savings events
#2 – Boat Builders Launch New Year Winter Sales Promotion Events

Manufacturers like Sea Ray, Grady-White, Boston Whaler and Bayliner entice buyers of new boat models with special winter sales and savings events >>READ MORE

sleepafloat marina program#3 – SleepAfloat Launches New Marina Affiliate Program

Revenue sharing program offers marinas a cost-free way to grow business; allows boaters to offset expenses >>READ MORE

Recreational boating demographics#4 – U.S. Coast Guard Releases National Recreational Boating Survey Report

NRBS report details North America boating participation and key boater demographic information based on 2012 data >>READ MORE

boat name tool#5 – BoatNexus.com Introduces New Boat Name Generator Tool

New online “Boat-enator” tool uses proprietary algorithm technology to help boaters choose their perfect boat name >>READ MORE

IBEX Show Marketing#6 – 2014 IBEX Show Marketing Highlights

Recap of the 2014 International Boatbuilder Exhibition and Conference marketing efforts and award winners >>READ MORE

discover boating marketing campaign#7 – Discover Boating Shares 2014 Marketing Campaign Results

Campaign grew boating awareness and interest in U.S. and Canada delivering 1.8 million visitors to boat manufacturers [INFOGRAPHIC] >>READ MORE

Trade Only PR Tools book feature#8 – PR Book by Marine Industry Marketer Featured in Soundings Trade Only

The book PR Tools to Toot Your Own Horn helps small businesses build low cost marketing strategies to do their own public relations >>READ MORE

sun safety in boating infographic#9 – SureShade Creates Sun Safety in Boating Infographic

Sun safety infographic uses boating stats to educate boaters on how to stay sun safe while boating >>READ MORE

Sunbrella Perspective#10 – Sunbrella Fabrics Launches New Perspective Web Video and Blog Series

Web-based design story series highlights versatility of product for design solutions at home, on the water and on an adventure >>READ MORE

popular boating lifestyle articlesPopular Boating Lifestyle Articles in 2014

What are boaters interested in? What boating lifestyle topics are the most popular right now?

BoaterLifeOnline.com also did a recap of the most popular boating lifestyle articles in 2014. The site has been around since 2009 and many of the articles continue to be popular year-after-year… so there’s a round-up of the top 10 articles of 2014 as well as the top 10 new articles.

Popular content categories continue to be focused on family boating, boating gear and boat gift ideas. Boaters are interested in advice on the best gear for their lifestyle – whether they are new or long-time boaters – as well as how to enhance their boating lifestyle.

>>Most Popular Boating Lifestyle Articles in 2014



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Diane is a marketer, avid boater and author of the award-winning book PR Tools to Toot Your Own Horn. In addition to being founder of MarineMarketingTools.com, Diane runs the small business site SBMarketingTools.com and the boating lifestyle sites MyBoatLife.com and BoaterKids.com.

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Diane is a marketer, avid boater and author of the award-winning book PR Tools to Toot Your Own Horn. In addition to being founder of MarineMarketingTools.com, Diane runs the small business site SBMarketingTools.com and the boating lifestyle sites MyBoatLife.com and BoaterKids.com.
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