Massachusetts Marine Trade Launches New Boating Jobs Site and Video

mass boating careers

marketing planMassachusetts Marine Trade Educational Trust releases new boating industry video and boating careers website with a focus on local marine jobs

The Massachusetts Marine Trades Educational Trust, working with the Massachusetts Marine Trades Association (MMTA), just released a new video highlighting the boating industry, with a focus on industry jobs in Massachusetts. The video will lead the viewer to a new website that has just gone live:

Recognizing the importance of workforce development within the boating industry in Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Marine Trades Educational Trust (MMTET) has made this issue a top priority and is excited to distribute both the video and website.

The website will highlight three main initiatives:

  • Jobs – are listed on an updated jobs board for our members to post job searches
  • Educational Partners – are highlighted with links and information on the boating industry training that each offers
  • Scholarship Opportunities – that are available to those attending boating industry training are posted

mass boating careers

Ed Lofgren, chairman for the Educational Trust and a champion for workforce development within the boating industry for close to 50 years, has been instrumental with both the video and website.

Lofgren said, “Our industry is severely challenged by a nationwide shortage of marine technicians. This shortage represents a major growth inhibitor in our region; there are hundreds of vacancies for boat and motor technicians right here in Massachusetts. Our video and new website encourages people to join our industry and help to fill these well-paying, recession-proof, enjoyable positions.”

Mass Careers Video

At the core of the new Massachusetts Careers website is a new workforce development video designed to attract potential workers to the marine industry:

For more information on the new website please visit

Questions about joining the boating industry in Massachusetts? Contact us at

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