SureShade Creates Sun Safety in Boating Infographic

marketing plansun safety in boating infographicSun safety infographic uses boating stats to educate boaters on how to stay sun safe while boating

SureShade, the U.S. based designer and manufacturer for retractable shades for boats, has created a new infographic educating boaters on the importance of sun safety in recreational boating.

Entitled “Sun Safety in Boating”, the new infographic is the first to combine sun safety tips and boating specific demographics and statistics.

The infographic uses sun protection facts from The Skin Cancer Foundation and American Cancer Society, with an emphasis on sun safety around the water. SureShade also notes that the recommendation of seeking shade aligns well with boat shade systems.

Sun safety facts are also combined with boating specific demographics, as reported by a 2012 U.S. Coast Guard survey report, highlighting  average hours boaters spend on the water and other important stats that impact sun safety.

On the importance of sun safety, the infographic uses data from a member poll conducted by National Safe Boating Council as part of SureShade’s new partnership and recent announcement to jointly promote sun safety as part of a broader message of boat safety.

SureShade created the infographic in an effort to create more awareness for the often overlooked issue of sun safety on boats.

“Enabling and advocating for more shade and sun protection on boats is at the core of SureShade’s brand and mission,” said Diane Seltzer, marketing director at SureShade. “By using visually engaging graphics to educate boaters with our new infographic we hope to create more awareness for the important issue of sun safety and its contribution to safer recreational boating.”

SureShade has made the Sun Safety in Boating infographic easily shareable through social media and offers embed code for marine businesses to share it on their own websites or blogs to support the issue of sun safety in boating.

To view and share the full Sun Safety in Boating infographic, visit

Marine Marketing Best Practice

Infographics are the combination of graphics and information to educate and inform in an engaging way. Most companies that create infographics want them to be shared on other blogs, websites and social media. SureShade has posted their infographic on their blog and included embed code that can be easily copied and pasted into a blog post or on a website page.

Editor’s note: the founder and editor of Marine Marketing Tools is also the director of marketing for SureShade.


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