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marketing planTrade Only PR Tools book featureThe book PR Tools to Toot Your Own Horn helps small businesses build low cost marketing strategies to do their own public relations

When marine industry marketer Diane Seltzer (founder of Marine Marketing Tools and marketing director for retractable boat shade company SureShade) won a Small Business Book Award for her new PR book, it caught the attention of many in the boating industry.

Authored by a marketer in the marine field, PR Tools to Toot Your Own Horn – Strategies and Tactics for Small Business Public Relations, showcases marketing strategies specifically geared toward small businesses looking to implement cost-effective strategies. The book was recognized in 2013 as a Top 5 winner in the marketing category for the Small Business Book Awards.

The Soundings Trade Only editorial team reached out to the author to learn more about the story behind the book and the recent industry accolades. The result was a feature article in the February 2014 issue of Soundings Trade Only that covers book highlights, the author’s marketing experience (from corporate marketing to marine industry start-up) and even her personal background as a boater.

Highlights of the book discussed in the article include an overview of chapters to expect – from straightforward chapters on how to develop PR strategies to thorough examples of executing cost-effective tactics – as well as the free PR tools included for download.

Seltzer says she wrote her book as a guide of sorts for the entrepreneur, owner-operated small business, “solopreneur” or simply a manager with limited staff and resources. They know their business and market best, so they are the best spokesmen or advocates that they can hire, she says.
– Rich Armstrong, Trade Only Managing Editor

The article also talks about how her personal enthusiasm for boating plays a part in her current role as marketing director for SureShade. The marine industry start-up had to be very inventive and efficient in building a strong brand on a tight budget, and many first-hand strategies and tactics used for SureShade helped to inspire the premise of her book that PR can be a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool.

The boating industry is made of of many, many small businesses – from marinas and dealers to marine equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Many are experts in what they do in the marine industry, but can be overwhelmed with the efforts, time and cost of marketing their business.

Most small business owners are in their line of business because it’s of interest to them, she says, so why don’t some in the marine industry do a better job of self-promotion? – RA

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