Public Relations Tools

Public Rleations Tools

Promote your business with press releases, social media and PR tactics that help you build buzz in the market

Public relations involves managing your brand reputation while generating industry buzz that influences customer perception and awareness of your business.

Products and services featured in the public relations marketing tools directory offer ways for marine businesses to improve their PR and promotional efforts.

PR Tools Book

Small business public relations how-to book

PR Tools to Toot Your Own Horn gives small businesses low-cost strategies, ideas and resources to easily manage their own public relations in-house.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, owner-operated small business or simply have limited staff and resources, you most likely need to create and manage your own public relations strategies and initiatives.


Email marketing, landing pages, digital, social & more

FlexClip is an easy-to-use video maker that helps businesses and individuals create professional marketing videos with ease. Choose from templates or create from scratch videos using animated text, dynamic elements, photos, video clips, music and more.

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