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marketing plan16 Instagram posts and images in boating that capture the Christmas holiday spirit in a very nautical way

Most businesses in the boating industry will send out some type of e-greeting for Christmas and Holiday wishes. An e-greeting is an easy way to share your holiday message via email and, of course, on social media.

Each year at SureShade, we strive to create something that is memorable and festive. We’ll put our holiday creative as the lead in our December customer newsletter and post it on all our social accounts – primarily Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. This year we featured our new demo boat and added glittery sparkle to the sunshades (which animates) – a fun way to both decorate our boat and showcase our product.

As a creator of these holiday images, I am always mindful of what others in the boating industry are doing. The holiday greetings really run the spectrum in terms of hitting the mark on creativity and marketing impact. As always, some fall short while others raise the bar.

In some cases you’ll see minimal effort – stock holiday images with a logo slapped on (some don’t even relate to boating at all). Other marine businesses really take the time to create something extra special – a unique image, a video or animated gif. These are the ones that really stand out to me as a marketer and no doubt catch the eye of boaters.

In my eyes, the holiday images and posts that are most effective in boating include certain elements:

  • Utilize unique or original design
  • Provoke emotion (humor, happiness, warmth)
  • Showcase your business or product in creative way
  • Sharable on social media

So let’s shine a light on some of the most creative posts and images the boating industry put out this year as seen on Instagram.

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Best of Instagram for Holiday Boating Images

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Scrolling through your Instagram feed over the holidays, you can’t help but notice a boat-load of really creative holiday posts and images for boating.

Boating businesses – ranging from marinas to boat accessory suppliers – always seem to have fun with creative holiday images that showcase boating or their boat product. You’ll see everything from the oh so unexpected appearance of Santa on a boat to festive boating scenes and boats decorated for Christmas.

Here are some of my favorites from the 2016 holiday/boating season (look for an update next year!)

Santa on a Boat Pictures

Santa sure likes to get out on the water during the holidays!

These Instagram posts featuring Santa out on the water are some of the most creative and humorous holiday boating posts seen on Instagram this year.

Best. Holiday. Ever. #belzonamarine #happyholidays #family #friends #fun #santa #gift #boating #dream #escape

A photo posted by Belzona Marine (@belzonamarine) on

Belzona Marina got a lot of attention for this creative image they created of Santa trying to stuff a Belzona boat down a chimney. It got shared quite a bit on Instagram (some even shared it cutting out Belzona’s logo… but make no mistake they are the ones that created the image!)

Merry Christmas to everyone! #merrychrismas #happyholidays #santaclause #usacoastal #usacoastalmarine

A photo posted by USAcoastal™ (@usacoastal) on

A classic holiday boating scene featuring Santa on a boat, this painting/image from USA Coastal is the quintessential Christmas on a boat pic.

Love how this guy from Doomswell Boarding Co. commits to the role of Santa on a wakeboard!

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday! #santapoweredbymercury #sleighingit

A photo posted by Mercury Marine (@mercurymarine) on

This clever use of Santa and his sleigh equipped with a Mercury Marine motor is a fun image with a powerful marketing message (yes pun intended!)

So that’s what Santa does after Christmas!

Boating Scene Pictures

Lights on the water and cool nautical holiday scenes, these holiday posts are worth celebrating.

Merry #ChristmasEve! #GuyHarvey #HappyHolidays #Christmas #SeaSunsGreetings

A photo posted by Guy Harvey (@drguyharvey) on

Guy Harvey posted several really cool artistic posts for the holidays (would you expect anything less from Guy Harvey?), but this one really stood out as both a beautiful graphic and a Christmas ball any angler would love on their tree.

All I want for Christmas… 🎄🛥🎯 #Christmas #Hinckley #alliwant #christmaslist

A photo posted by The Hinckley Company (@hinckleyyachts) on

How sweet is this? The caption really makes this image come alive as a Christmas wish the little boy inside every grown man (or woman) can relate to.

The bold red line on the reel has a subtle (but also bold) highlight for the holidays and their boating business. Also love how they used a high quality image – high impact in your Instagram feed.

Are you knotty or nice? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our family to yours #merrychristmas #happyholidays #tgyg

A photo posted by Tom George Yacht Group (@tgyachtgroup) on

Such a simple and classic nautical image – and the caption “are you knotty or nice?” is just too clever.

Merry Christmas!

A photo posted by Campisano Marine Center (@campisanomarine) on

The simplicity of this winter scene in black & white with the hint of red really catches your eye on Instagram. It also has a classic nautical feel.

Merry Christmas from all of us at TBS!

A photo posted by The Boarding School (@theboardingschool) on

Love this classic picture turned holiday greating. Also love the artistic effect of the black & white image and color accents.

Decorated Boat Pictures

Adding some festive lights to a boat is a great way to get into the holiday spirit.

This animated image highlights the product (sunshades) by adding some sparkling glitter to them. Be sure to click the play button to see the animation.

The little lights aren’t twinkling, Clark. 🎄🎅🏼. Merry Christmas from all of us at MasterCraft. #mastercraft2016

A photo posted by MasterCraft Boat Company (@mcboatcompany) on

Got lights??

Santa’s got something special in his sleigh for boats between 30 and 40 feet this Christmas!

A photo posted by Seakeeper Inc. (@seakeeper_inc) on

Notice the subtle yet effective product placement – the Seakeeper is keeping Santa’s sleigh stable as he delivers gifts for Christmas.

Happy holidays @haulingrassfishingteam

A photo posted by THE CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS (@yellowfinyachtsoffshore) on

Deck the bow – the Yellowfin Yachts Offshore team is ready to go!

Merry Christmas to all… and to all a good night! #merrychristmas #omg53 #youlightupmylife #sevenmarine

A photo posted by HydraSports Custom (@hydrasportscustomboats) on

Using Christmas red and green lights in a slightly different way, these underwater boat lights look so beautiful on the water.

Be sure to click on any of the above posts to follow these accounts on Instagram – you’ll definitely see more creative posts from this crew throughout the year!

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