The Psychology Behind Purchase Decisions (And How Marine Marketers can Influence Them)

How Sales & Marketing Can Influence Purchase Decisions

marketing planHow emotions and bias can influence buying behavior – marketing tips for the boating industry to leverage and convert more customers [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s no surprise that emotions have a big influence on a boat purchase – after all, marketing the “boating experience” is one of the biggest trends in marine marketing right now. Many feel that we should be selling the experience and not just the boat because boating is a very emotional investment.

If you are a boat dealer or builder (or really any business in the boating industry) you should be focusing much of your marketing on personal feelings and experiences rather than information (your basic facts and features). Why? Because 80% of buying decisions are based on emotions – and that certainly holds true in the boating industry.

Smart marine marketers really need to understand the psychology behind emotions – why people react they way they do to sales & marketing. There are also human biases that come into play with purchasing decisions that sales and marketing teams need to consider with buyers.

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Marketing Takeaways to Convert More Customers

The good news is that the psychology experts have developed some basic takeaways that you can put into action now when marketing & selling your products and services.

This infographic explains common biases that influence consumers’ purchasing decisions, including the status quo bias, the loss aversion bias, and the ingroup bias. It also includes strategies to convert more customers by tapping into psychological principles.

Many of these principles are very relevant to selling boats. Marine marketers should be very aware that there are many emotions and biases consumers experience as they consider buying a boat. But if you keep these in mind when marketing your products or services you just may be able to influence them in the right direction.

Read on for psychology-based tips and takeaways to shape your sales marketing strategy in the boating industry.

The Psychology of Sales Marketing

Infographic courtesy of Salesforce

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