Steps to Create Email Campaigns that Convert for Marine Businesses

Email marketing Stats

marketing planEmail marketing makes for a great way to target roaming clients working within the marine industry

Those of us working to provide products and services to the marine industry will know that it often proves difficult to get marketing materials into the hands of the industry’s key decision-makers and supporting businesses as they travel the world.

Without a fixed shore-side address or permanent residential status, and without reputation affording many of us access to vessels moored behind gated marinas, how can we raise awareness of our expertise among those that really count?

Email marketing provides the perfect opportunity to reach your customers and end users where they often go every day: Their inbox.

targetedEmail Marketing Stats

Statistics suggest that on average, 91% of consumers check their email at least daily (

This alongside news that email marketing is again on the up in 2015, with ROI and vital marketing metrics all increasing upon figures from 2014, according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), it has never been more important to grab hold of this prime opportunity and exploit it.

Seven Steps

With a little preparation and planning, email marketing can become one of your businesses’ most valuable marketing tools.

Whether you are starting out, or reassessing the effectiveness of your email marketing, Yachting Pages offers seven steps to creating email campaigns that convert:

1. Get permission: Create an accurate database of ‘opt-in’ email contacts

2. Prepare and plan: Consider your marketing objectives and formulate a bulletproof supporting message and call-to-action to back those coveted conversions

3. Segment and target: Segment and target your recipients by job role, location or place in the buying process

4. Produce great content: Create clear, concise, creative and clickable content that will avoid spam filters

5. Test and test again: Test your email in different formats, across popular browsers and at various times

6. Track and measure: Track your metrics and learn from the results

7. Maintain: Make time to nurture your email database

Read more details about how to make these seven steps work for your marine business in the full article on Yachting Pages:
Seven Steps to Creating Email Campaigns that Convert.

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