The Boat Village Launches Regional Marketing Collaborative with Marine Businesses

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The Boat Village builds its first regional collaborative to promote online service coordination to simplify boat ownership

marketing planMarketing and outreach services offered to Professional Edition customers in Southeast Florida to promote online services

The Boat Village, the marine industry’s leading mobile boat management and service coordination platform created by My-Villages, announces that Professional Edition customers in Southeast Florida will now benefit from collaborative marketing support.

Marine business customers in the Southeast Florida region that utilize the Boat Village Professional Edition platform for online service coordination will now have the support of major marketing and outreach services to gain new customers and increase loyalty among existing clients – all at no additional cost.

The My-Villages team, which created The Boat Village and owns DockMaster marine management software, will help customers promote their new digital capabilities with The Boat Village. The combined effort will result in a regional collaborative by having area marina businesses collectively work together to tout the benefits of transacting business online in their communities.

“We have done this before in other industries, and we learned that technology is only part of the equation,” said Kevin Hutchinson, founder and CEO of My-Villages. “Educating our customers’ customers is critical to their success, and the free services we offer to our Professional Edition users is as important as the technology itself.”

For every marine business using The Boat Village, My-Villages creates and manages a complete integrated and co-branded communication campaign across multiple channels. My-Villages regularly sends out a multi-part, direct-marketing campaign targeting local boaters. Materials are customized by region and highlight the service yards, dealers and marinas using The Boat Village for online service coordination and boat management.

My-Villages also advertises in print and digital publications, both regionally and nationally, often including partner companies that are using The Boat Village to make boat ownership more convenient.

More details are included in the My-Villages announcement of The Boat Village regional marketing collaborative launch.

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