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Steps to Create Email Campaigns that Convert for Marine Businesses

Email marketing makes for a great way to target roaming clients working within the marine industry Those of us working to provide products and services to the marine industry will know that it often proves difficult to get marketing materials into the hands of the industry’s key decision-makers and supporting businesses as they travel the...

email marketing boating

Building an Email Marketing Database of Boaters

Why marine businesses need to focus less on social media and more on an internal email marketing strategy The tide is changing for social media. And if you are focusing solely on social media marketing and not working on your own internal database of contacts, it could sink your direct marketing efforts. Many marine businesses have...

marketing tool picks for boating

Top Picks for Marine Marketing Tools and Resources

Editor’s roundup of marketing tool recommendations for marine industry based on cost, ease-of-use and best return on investment With so many marketing tools to choose from, sometimes getting a referral from a friend or colleague can be very helpful to select the best options for your business… particularly from someone in your own industry like boating....

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