Simple SEO Tips for Marine Marketers: Ensuring your Boating Business is Found Online

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marketing plan3 Strategies for better SEO to increase website traffic for your boating business

You may have worked hard to establish your marine business, and to populate your website with informative content, but what use is this if your end users cannot find your business easily in online search?

With the marine industry throwing up some competitive sectors, with ample crew agents, charter brokers and chandleries competing for search page real estate, search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most cost-effective ways to climb the online rankings.

Yachting Pages presents a beginners guide to SEO, which offers insight into basic SEO and offers simple tips and advice for implementing the core concepts into your marine marketing strategy.

Here are 3 simple SEO tips and tricks that can make a real difference with organic website traffic for your boating business.

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1. Domain URL

Select your domain name and format your URLs carefully: Your web domain is the foundation of your website, and should be representative of your business, product or service.

When selecting your domain name and creating your page URLs you should think carefully, ensuring to include some relevant keywords, as this is all the better for your site’s SEO.

2. Website Navigation

Create a simple site navigation. One of the keys to great rankings is great navigation.

Your website should utilize a simple navigation, with easy-to-follow menus and internal linking structure, not only for users, but for search engines too. It’s important to use accurate anchor text and sitemaps too as these contribute to great SEO.

3. Content, Content, Content

Include fresh, information-rich content. Your website should obviously include the relevant information about your business and its products and services, but additional news articles and blogs are a great way to introduce more pages to your site, so there are more opportunities to be listed in online search.

Users will soon want to visit your site to keep up to date, and they will be more likely to return if you have an engaging and informative content for them to interact with. If users are happy, search engines are generally happy too.

To learn more about these SEO tips and tricks, check out the full SEO checklist from

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