RBFF Launches Direct Marketing Program for Lapsed Anglers and Boaters

marketing planRDFF boating campaignStatewide program aims to increase fishing license sales and boat registrations – boosting revenue and participation across U.S. states

The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) has announced the launch of a direct marketing programs to be funded and implemented by RBFF on behalf of 40 state agencies for the State Fishing License Marketing Program and 21 state agencies for the State Boat Registration Marketing Program.

RDFF email marketingThe 2014 RBFF direct marketing program will target more than 3.5 million lapsed anglers and boaters with direct marketing materials that encourage them to buy a fishing license or register their boat. Participating states in previous years’ programs received more than $34.6 million cumulative gross revenue. The RDFF hopes to meet or match the success of previous direct marketing campaigns.

Specific direct marketing campaign initiatives include:

State Fishing License Marketing Program

  • targeting anglers who haven’t renewed their fishing license for at least one season
  • black and white postcard mailing in participating states
  • supplemental email message in participating states

State Boat Registration Marketing Program

  • targeting boaters who haven’t renewed their boat registration for at least one season
  • four-color direct marketing letter
  • distribution in two more states in the 2014 campaign than in 2013

The 2013 State Fishing License Marketing Program also included 40 states and resulted in more than 229,000 licenses sold and $4.64 million in gross program revenue. The 2014 Boat Registration Marketing Program will include distribution in two more states in the 2014 campaign than in 2013, which resulted in over 48,000 boats re-registered and $1.68 million in gross program revenue. Both of the programs are funded entirely by RBFF, with states receiving all of the revenue that the programs generate.

RBFF provides states with customizable direct marketing pieces and works with states to enhance their overall marketing and communications capacity, as well as ways to improve their fishing license and boat registration processes.

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