New Boat Sales Training Launched: “The 30 Secrets To Boat Sales”

30 secrets to boat sales training

marketing planBoat brokers, dealers or builders now have access to a new course dedicated to selling more boats

New online virtual boat show company Boat Show Avenue recently launched a new training program dedicated to marine sales professionals called “The 30 Secrets to Boat Sales” via its sales blog on Yacht Sales Academy.

This initiative was launched due to the shortage of sales training available in the boating industry.

Sales & marketing trainer Vincent Finetti mentions:

“Manufacturing companies usually focus all their training on the product rather than the clients who buy it. And that is where there is a shortage of resources available on sales & marketing specific to the boating industry. Selling boats is one of the most difficult professions out there. You are selling a product that only 1% of the population can afford. A product that is last on the list of things we need in life and with one of the longest buying cycles. All of this in an ultra competitive and price driven market.”

The training focuses on 3 major elements of the sales process:

  • generating traffic
  • capturing qualified leads
  • improving your sales conversion ratio

The online training course can be taken by anybody around the world and is tailored specifically for boat brokers, dealers and builders.

The market is changing so fast and the way consumers shop for luxury goods has drastically changed over the last 10 years. Today, consumers are better informed, less loyal and more exigent. With so much info at their fingertips, they want to avoid sales pressure and access lots of product information prior any final buying decision. Sales professionals have no other choice than to adapt to this new reality.

“If I could give one piece of advice, it would be to sell the cruise and not the ship,” said Finetti.

One of the course’s main recommendations is to stop focusing so much on the boats or the features and emphasizing more on what the customer is really buying: the experience and excitement of owning a boat, the time they will spend on the water, how beautiful their boat will look at the marina, and how happy they will be with family and friends on their boat.

Trainer Finetti says that this course is a combination of having spent the last 15 years in boat sales and marketing and reading over 600 books on business, sales and marketing. He has spent thousands of hours at boat shows in the last 6 years and has had the opportunity to help over 250 shipyards in their marketing efforts with his company Prestige Vision Inc.

Hundreds of proven techniques, studies and tips on boat sales have been distilled into nearly 200 pages (pocket book format) of valuable content easily accessible through 30 lessons.

Finetti mentions that they launched the course last week and have already had over 30 students enroll. They have been receiving amazing feedback and testimonials such as this one from yacht broker Rich Lazzara, partner at Lazzara Lenton Yachts: “The content is exceptional. I mean that. They have condensed and curated the best marketing/sales info over the last several years and applied it to luxury sales (boating).”

If you’re a boat broker, dealer, or a boat builder who wants to discover hundreds of proven studies, tips and techniques to bring your boat sales to the next level, then this is definitely the right training for you!

For more info, contact Vincent Finetti at or check out the “30 Secrets to Boat Sales” here:

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