It’s My Boat Radio Announces New Podcast Episodes

marketing planits my boat radio showInternet radio show kicks off 2014 season with new podcasts on educational and entertaining topics for new boaters

It’s My Boat Radio Show, a joint venture with two boating industry veterans, aims to broadcast new weekly podcast episodes throughout 2014 on topics that help new boaters learn more about boating.

The first episode of 2014 features Soundings Trade Only columnist Norm Schultz who talks about how to take advantage of regional boat shows to get boaters motivated during the peak of boat show season. The new episode entitled “It’s Going to be a Really Big Boat Show” features important tips on how show visitors can avoid burnout, ask the right questions, and go home feeling more excited than ever about boating at the end of the day.

It’s My Boat Radio is produced by Ann Avary and Barbara Jean Walsh, both seasoned professionals in the boating industry. Ann Avary develops courses and training for the marine industry and Barbara Jean Walsh was formerly with Professional BoatBuilder magazine where she produced over 200 podcast segments on ProBoatRadio aimed at marine professionals. On-air crew members include Bart Blankenship, of North Carolina Outward Bound, who will be providing tips for small boat handling, and marine surveyor Patricia “Pat” Kearns, another familiar voice from ProBoat Radio.

Future episodes of It’s My Boat Radio will include new boat owners who want to talk about their boats, how they chose (or found them) and how different people in the industry did “the right thing” to help them out.

Each episode has a key theme for topics covered. “For example,” says Ann Avary, “later in January, we’ll be talking to Steve Sprole from Ritchie Navigation about selecting, installing, and maintaining the right compass for your boat, and then we’ll have Ted Pike from Edensaw Woods with us to discuss how to pick out the right lumber for your D-I-Y project. After that, we’re planning shows on topics as diverse as boat canvas, trailering, and dragonboating.”

“One of our long-range goals is to find people who want to record stories about the older people in the industry, whether they are designers, builders, inventors, or just people who worked in boat shops and plants,” says Barbara Jean Walsh of It’s My Boat. “We really think the general public doesn’t have a clue about how boats are built, and there are some great stories out there to be shared.”

Each new episode airs on Mondays at noon Pacific Time. On-demand episodes can be accessed at via the BlogTalkRadio podcast publishing platform, or listeners can subscribe to the podcasts via iTunes. Episodes run 30-45 minutes with photos accompanying audio, and often feature a corresponding blog post on the site.

Marine Marketing Opportunities

As the It’s My Boat Radio show and website grows there will be advertising opportunities for marine industry vendors and businesses that want to target new boat owners. There are also opportunities for marine industry experts to get involved by recording podcasts with the team on a variety of informational topics for boaters, as well as potential collaborations with marine industry associations and groups.

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