Boat Safety Checks Attract Customers to Your Location

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boat system checks Marine businesses that host safety checks help keep boating clients safe while building customer loyalty

As a marina or boatyard, demonstrating your commitment to issues that matter most to boaters – like waterway preservation, boating regulations and boat safety – shows that you are a business that cares and backs it up with real actions.

Boaters have many choices for marine services – from their home port marina to the service technicians they select to repair and maintain their boats. So showing that you care about the safety of your boating clients – and maintaining proper standards for their vessel – is a great way to attract boaters and keep them loyal to your marine business.

The American Boat & Yacht Council, ABYC, can help keep your customers safe AND help you increase business. With National Safe Boating Week upon us, we are hearing a lot of important safety reminders. A safety reminder that also helps attract business is to host FREE Boat System Checks.

Who is ABYC

ABYC has established industry standards for boat building and repairs since 1954 and is the essential source of technical information for the international marine industry. The non-profit’s standards and technical information reports cover all the major boat systems, and when followed, can help prevent boating accidents. ABYC also certifies technicians who build and repair boats.

Why the Checks

ABYC created the in-water, on-board free boat system checks to help educate boaters on the safety standards, and to help send business to the certified technicians who follow the standards.

The checks are easy to organize, and leave a positive lasting impression on the boater.

  • ABYC marine surveyors follow a line item checklist with the captain on-board, educating the boater on the areas ABYC is concerned with.
  • Areas checked include Electrical, Fuel, Exhaust, Equipment, and Labels.
  • The surveyors explain the safety concerns found and recommend an ABYC Certified Technician if repairs are needed.
  • The boater leaves with a FREE boat system check, information on your location, and peace of mind in Boating Safety…Built In!

Take it from past boat check customers. Those who aren’t already your customers will return business. They will remember you not only for your customer service, but for caring about their safety.

“This is excellent information and learned a lot. This is certainly not my first time hearing of ABYC. It is an excellent resource.” ~“Illusion”
“It was great to have ABYC as a different pair of eyes, looking for the important issues.” ~ LaPierre

Another way to attract business is to be an ABYC member and for those that have technicians, to have them ABYC certified. The standards are a sign of safety and you will want to access those standards to help keep your customers safe.

Let ABYC help keep you and your customers even more safe this National Safe Boating Week, and year long. For more information on safety and standards, and the boat system checks, contact Nina Ullrich,

Nina Ullrich

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Nina manages all business development and marketing for American Boat Yacht Council (ABYC) where she is responsible for the website, press releases, trade shows, social media, the Reference Point journal, advertising and all promotions for ABYC. As a liveaboard, she has a true passion for and vested interest in safe boating.
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