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The Sailing Industry Tacks Towards Millennials

Younger demographics are future targets for the sailboat industry, but there are shoals ahead One of the highlights of the Miami boat show for those in the sailboat industry is The Sailing Market STATE OF THE INDUSTRY presentation by Sally Helme, Group Publisher of Cruising World and Sailing World, the sailing brands of Bonnier Corp.’...

millennials economics

Millennials and Assumptions in the Boating Industry

Are economic drivers like housing the right indicators when courting younger boaters… or does the boat buying and selling process need to change for a new generation? Quite often our industry compares boats and their ownership to other big ticket items like automobiles and houses and makes assumptions accordingly. If we hold those assumptions as...

millennial boaters

The Importance of Millennials to the Recreational Boating Industry

Luring in a new generation of boaters to fill the void from aging boater demographics There used to be a time when your kids finished college, your mortgage was paid off and you bought a boat. Those days are gone. Generational change is happening to the recreational boating industry. Baby Boomers (those born between 1946...

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