3 Ways to Grow Your Water Taxi or Passenger Boat Business

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Smart Own is an international passenger boats dealer & marine consultant that provides “factory direct” commercial and leisure boats to individual and corporate clients around the world, including touring models that are the world’s most popular medium size passenger boats.

People are naturally drawn to water, creating many opportunities in the business of boating.

From coastal excursions to urban waterfront transportation, a passenger boat business can provide valuable connections to destinations and experiences on the water.

FACT: About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered

Whether you are just getting started with a passenger boat business, or looking for ways to grow an existing water transport business, here are three ways you can take your passenger boat business to the next level.

Urban Waterfront Taxi Services

Many of the world’s greatest cities have a close proximity to water. From open oceans to meandering rivers, urban waterfronts are a popular destination for tourists and local business development. And with an emphasis on providing more green spaces for cities to enjoy, many of these urban waterfronts are seeing a revitalization with waterfront investment and development.

waterfront taxi servicesThis revitalization creates new opportunities for passenger boat businesses looking to provide water taxi, water bus or water transport services. In some cases the service may simply be a safe and convenient way to get from one waterfront destination to another, while other services could include city sightseeing opportunities from the unique perspective of the water.

Water taxi services might include:

  • Scheduled water taxi services
  • Group transportation
  • Special event transportation

Sightseeing opportunities might include:

  • Riverfront tours
  • Dinner or sunset cruises
  • Waterfront cruises
  • Historic landmark tours
  • Nature tours

Boater Water Taxi Service

boater water taxi vesselsMany marinas and harbors have limited water transport services that are convenient for boaters staying at the marina. Some waterfront destinations, like restaurants or shopping districts, may be more easily accessible by water than by land.

Boaters on a mooring may also have difficultly accessing land for provisions. For transient boaters mooring near a small waterfront town, there may not be a reliable water taxi service typically found in larger waterfront towns or cities.

A water taxi or transport business could serve multiple marinas within a geographic area providing a much-needed service to boaters. And as a full-service marina, adding a transport boat to your list of amenities can also be a real differentiator for your marina.

Coastal Excursions

coastal excursions passenger boatsYour boating business can provide coastal excursions and tours that enable more people to enjoy the unique experiences that can only come from being on a boat.

There are many ways you can offer boating experiences in your area that give people an opportunity to explore and connect with nature.

Coastal excursions may include:

  • Whale or dolphin watching
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing trips
  • Scenic tours
  • Sunset cruises

Grow Your Passenger Boat Fleet to Meet Demand

passenger boat layoutsIf you are building a new passenger boat business or looking to add more boats to your fleet, choosing the right type of boat is essential for your success and growth.

Things to look for when purchasing a new passenger boat:

  • Flexibility – multiple deck layout options and enclosures to accommodate required usage
  • Capacity – enough seating so that you can offer affordable per person rates for clients (and have profitable trips for your business)
  • Construction – commercial and marine grade construction built to last and endure high usage
  • Certifications – vessels should meet all coastal regulations in your country of governance

touring 36 passenger boatFeatured Passenger Boat: Touring 36

The world’s best-selling passenger boat, the Touring 36 is the vessel of choice in the water transport industry. The Touring 36 has a 29 passenger capacity, 42 knots maximum speed and features an open or enclosed layout. Excellent sea-handling and performance, together with its functional, yet comfortable lay-out lies at the basis of the Touring 36’s undisputed reputation. Visit Smart Own to learn more.

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