sleepafloat marina programRevenue sharing program offers marinas a cost-free way to grow business; allows boaters to offset expenses

SleepAfloat, a full service rental management company that specializes in renting boats for overnight accommodations, is announcing a new marina affiliate program that is designed to generate income for marinas and their slip holders.

The new SleepAfloat Marina Affiliate Program is an extension of the company’s dockside rental program and promises participating marinas royalties, increased traffic to their facilities and higher slip occupancy.

The program is unlike peer-to-peer rental programs that rent owner’s boats for recreational use, instead rentals are for short-term, overnight accommodations to leisure and business travelers.

“This is not a typical boat sharing operation,” remarked SleepAfloat Director of Operations JJ Gold. “These are secure rentals professionally managed by our company as unique alternatives to the traditional hotel room; the boats never leave the dock.”

SleepAfloatThe SleepAfloat business model carves out a niche market for floating accommodations in the multi-billion dollar vacation rental industry, while creating additional sources of revenues by partnering with marinas and boat owners nationwide.

Boat owners get the benefits of offsetting boating expenses and earning extra income by renting their vessels. Marinas get a steady stream of new income in exchange for support and promotion of the company’s dockside rental program to slip holders.

Specific benefits for marinas in the SleepAfloat affiliate program include:

  • Increased cash flow
  • Expanded customer base
  • Competitive advantage
  • Filling empty slips

SleepaFloat has been marketing and managing boats as overnight accommodations since 2005. Their full service rental management provides marketing, customer support, onsite management, cleaning, maintenance, as well as insurance protection for all its boat owners and marinas.

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