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Happiness Delivered for Boaters

Money can buy happiness. There’s just one catch: you have to spend it on experiences. A version of this article originally appeared on the Boatyard blog When we first came up with the idea for our startup, we had to ask ourselves a few questions: “what do we truly love to do?” and “why does...

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GetMyBoat Shares Growth Results in Boater-to-Boater Rental Marketplace

Year one results show rapid growth in boater rentals and charters, positioning GetMyBoat as a leader in peer-to-peer boat rentals GetMyBoat, a community-driven boat rental and charter marketplace, has released on December 12, 2013 first year results for the boater-boater rental marketplace start-up company since their initial launch in January 2013. The 2013 year-end results include...

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